Guizhou sauce -flavored 53 -degree slurry liquor gift high -level pure grain old wine gift box installed box special offer 6 bottles

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Sort by color Milk, gift box, 500 ml; Moutai Town Sauce High -end Gift Box Instant Box Special Price 500ml*6 bottles
Production Date 2023, 01 month; To; 2023, 06 month
Production license number SC11552030300077
Product standards GB/T26760-2011
Factory name Guizhou Jixian Wine Co., Ltd.
Site No. 89 Factory, No. 89, Shangba Group, Shangba Village, Silu Town, Huichuan District, Zunyi City, Guizhou Province
Factory contact information 18984225425
Ingredient Sorghum, wheat, water
Storage method Save in the environment where it is cool, sealed, dry, ventilated, and room temperature
Shelf life 3650
Food additive None
Brand Zhang Yizhai
Name Moutai Town Purple Wine
Province Guizhou
Place of origin China mainland
Sales specification 500x1x1ml
Types of packaging Gift Box
Fragrant Sauce
Years 3 years (including) -8 years (inclusive)
Volume (ml) 500
Packing Pack
Applicable scene Etiquette
Degree 53%Vol.
Packaging specification 6 bottles
Storage conditions Room temperature
Single bottle net content 500ml
Alcoholic 53%vol